I never would have imagined growing up first in New Orleans and then Pensacola, FL that I'd ever become a pastor. In my formative years, I had no Christian - influence. God was never part of my paradigm. But when I was a teenager, God brought amazing men and women into my life along the way that introduced me to Him and stoked the flame of the calling that He put in my heart to do full-time ministry. 


This fire led me to bible college and later to the student ministry at Second Baptist Church in Houston, TX; where I currently serve. My passion to see not only students, but all people step away from a purpose-lacking life without God and into a purposeful life with Him continues to grow daily. It is what gets me out of bed in the morning. 

That passion has spilled over into other avenues in my life, specifically speaking and writing - I love to do both. I do my best to utilize both vehicles to establish the purpose God has given me, which is to point others towards theirs. 

I hope this blog encourages, inspires and points you towards purpose - your Perfect purpose.