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5 habits of highly miserable people

“The most miserable people are those who care only about themselves, who understand only their own troubles, who see only their own perspectives.” - Ralph Marston

I’ve battled my fair share of tough seasons in life.

Seasons that I would describe as miserable. I had no motivation, was perpetually down and found it difficult to do anything significant.

Part of it was because of my circumstances, most of it was due to my mindset.

Unfortunately, we’ve all been there at some point - maybe even now for some of you. But, you can’t always avoid the hard times and negative feelings, but you can avoid making them a main stay.

With that said, here are 5 Habits of Highly miserable people. Avoid these at all costs:

1. They are ungrateful. The quickest way to get tired of what you have is to be consumed by what you want. I’m not saying goals or aspirations are bad - but, when they cause us to overlook the good things we should be grateful for, that’s an issue. Ungrateful people are far more stressed out, easily frustrated and discontent than someone who is grateful.

Having an attitude of gratitude is something we should practice daily. If you struggle with gratitude, try writing down three things you’re grateful for and thanking God for those things every day.

2. They aren’t generous. The worst thing you could with the resources you’ve been blessed with is keep them all for yourself. Miserable people are all about themselves. Their money, their time, etc.

It’s vital that we give our money and time away to causes we believe in. This will get our eyes off ourselves and onto others. Which produces purpose in our lives - which then leads to true fulfillment.

3. They stay stagnant. It’s not perfection that leads to contentment - it’s progress. The motion of always growing as individuals for the glory of God is what it’s all about. Miserable people don’t do this. They grow complacent and don’t audit themselves to incline in their lives. They are stagnant.

It’s key to always continue growing and developing to be the person God has created us to be. It is the progress of doing so that fills us with the inspiration to wake up and do it day after day.

4. They measure themselves by the opinions of people instead of the facts of God. Opinions are like armpits. Everybody has one and most of them stink. Miserable people are always trying to measure up to other’s stinky and inconsistent opinions. This causes them to never meet expectations and always feel like they have fallen short.

Instead, it’s wise to always live in light of the facts of God. In light of his forgiveness, mercy and power that he has bestowed on all of His Children. What God knows about us is far more important than what people think.

5. They love creation more than the Creator. It’s a sad day when someone prizes the gifts of God, more than God himself. That day is today for many people. We chase after more money, vacations and possessions but barely crawl after a better relationship with God. Miserable people love temporal things. They make them their God.

To keep from being miserable, we must keep things in proper perspective. Yes, money and other gifts from God are good, but He is far better. Our Savior is greater than our stuff. The Lord is more significant than our large bank account. This is real deal people!

Flee from these five things to avoid misery. It’s not God’s plan for your life!

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