• Nick Henderson

A couple thoughts on abortion

“If one does not understand a person, one tends to regard him as a fool.” - Carl Jung

Over the past half century (Roe v. Wade), there have been heated debates over the morality of abortion. Some consider it a choice to be made, while others consider it murder of the unborn.

Personally, I find it to be the latter. My convictions as a Christian lead me to this.

I believe each human life is created by God (Ps. 139), that scripture affirms the humanity of children in the womb (Jer. 1:5) and that it dishonors God to take the life of a person made in his image (Ex. 20:13).

And frankly, with my background, that is not a shocking side to stand on. The majority of Christians and conservative individuals stand with me on this side.

But, considering my primary audience is made up of young, conservative Christians I wanted to push forward a perspective that I believe is lacking in the entire ordeal.

So, here are a couple of thoughts on abortion:

1. Christians ought to carry the same energy they have against abortion and stand against racism and oppression as well. Don't hear me wrong, I am not saying join BLM or support some of the added, unnecessary items they have brought into the movement. In fact, I am not talking about exclusively black vs. white people or even the USA.

Racism and oppression is a prevalent issue that exists both within the United States and around the world.

For example, many people in North Korea can’t even have internet or electricity. Many are literally starving to death. Look it up, it will blow your mind. It makes no sense and most turn a blind eye to the evil that exists in the country.

And they are just one example of the many situations of oppression that exists on our planet.

All human lives are special. I understand having a focused effort, but if all we do is harp on abortion then it causes the rest of the world to become callous towards our true calling - protection of all human lives and rights. We’ve got to do more.

2. If you're against abortion, than be prepared to fight for the families that didn't have one. There are lots of reasons people have abortions. I never would make the assumption that all the women who have had one were flippant in doing so. I am sure they had real reasons.

Likely, outside of health and safety, those reasons revolved around the inability to provide the overall life and well being they felt the child deserved.

That desire is a good desire, it was just acted on improperly. But, instead of answering that act by only shouting that "abortion is murder," why don't we follow that up by doing what we can to better the foster care system?

Even better yet, let's serve the single mothers that we know. The people that were prime candidates to get an abortion, but didn't. 88% of abortions are done by unmarried women (prochoice.org).

I grew up with a single mom and can attest to this as fact: every single mom is struggling to some degree, all the time.

Let‘s help them out! Bring them dinner, take her kids out for a day, buy her a car, purchase some toys for the children and ultimately show the love of Christ to the family.

As people of Faith, let's create a country in which killing a child due to concerns of well - being is not even on the table.

These women would know that Christians will be there to help them and their child, whether they go the foster route or raise the child themselves.

We cannot continue to be against issues, yet absolve ourselves of the responsibility to help alleviate the consequences of the laws we prayed would pass to those they affect.

Let's be people who are known less for political positions and more for our love of people… all people.

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