• Nick Henderson

Build bridges, not walls

“No one has ever seen God; but if we love one another, God lives in us and his love is made complete in us." - 1 John 4:12

Bridges and walls are both amazing structures that can require lots of time to build depending on the size.

For example, the Great Wall of China, which spans over 12,000 miles, took over 2000 years to build.

For bridges, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco took around 4 years to construct.

Not quite 2000 years, but still a decent amount of work!

Both are amazing structures, but do completely different things.

The Great Wall of China was built to protect the country by keeping out the northern nomadic nations.

The Golden Gate bridge was built to connect the northern Marlin County, CA to San Francisco.

In short: Walls keep out, but bridges connect.

I make this disctinction, because for us as kingdom builders we are always building something - a bridge or a wall.

We are either building a bridge that connects us to others, or a wall that keeps them out of our lives.

But, we don’t build with hammers and nails, we build with our actions and opinions.

We build bridges by refusing to label others off of one mistake, loving people who don’t act or look like us, spending time with those who are less fortunate, and always seeking to understand instead of win an argument.

On the other hand, we build walls by knowing them only by their political views - not their name (“she’s liberal”), thinking they’re a certain way by the clothing they wear, assuming the worst of them as opposed to the best and fighting/debating via Facebook comment sections. Both require time and effort, but one (building walls) can puncture the purposes of God in the world.

Here’s the main issue with building walls instead of bridges: You can’t share the love of Christ with someone you’re not connected too.

Sure, you might look smart to those in your corner, but you’ll never move the Kingdom forward.

With all of this, build a bridge this week with someone who is different than you.

If you’re a republican, take a more progressive person out to coffee and hear their heart.

If you’re athletic and enjoy sports, sit down with someone who loves theater and the arts.

If you’re blessed financially, go have a meal with someone who is in a lower tax bracket.

It’s simple, not easy, but it’s simple.

Be a bridge builder this week.

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