• Nick Henderson

Christians and weak work ethic

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.” - Col. 3:23

I was almost fired from a college work study job one time.

Seriously though. And if anyone deserved to be fired - it was me. I just was not motivated to do the work.

The job was decent and my co-workers were solid, I honestly just stunk as an employee.

I made up excuses, but in reality, I couldn’t blame anything but my own poor work ethic

I showed up late for shifts, left early and didn’t even follow simple instructions... it was bad.

Things were that way until I heard a chapel message from a pastor named David Jeremiah. He preached about the importance of hard work and helped me realize a core principle that I cling close to now.

The principle is this: Christians should be the hardest workers in the room. Why? Because we work for God, not people.

This massively changed both my work and personal perspective.

Honest Moment: Am I always focused and getting after it? No, I definitely have my lapses of concentration. But, I can honestly submit that I do walk into the office every day with an intention and passion to get the job done with excellence.

Many Christians miss this (I know I did). We focus so much on being kind, generous and forgiving that we forget that we are called to be tenacious in our work ethic. To not only get the job done, but to do it well.

To work not just for our human boss, but our heavenly one as well.

Keeping that perspective should propel us to give it our all every day at work. To show up early, get results and make things happen knowing we do it for God - not for people.

Think about it: If you work for God, that means every single work day is an offering to the Lord. A tangible opportunity to glorify and magnify Him in your everyday life.

It also means that it doesn’t matter if your boss is lazy, your manager is mean or your company is corrupt, your work ethic remains the same because it doesn’t stem from this world.

In light of this post and the Bible, work hard this week and give it your all. It’s not about you, your manager or your paycheck - it‘s about God.

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