• Nick Henderson

RANDOM RIFF: don't do everything, start with something first

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Luke 5 tells the story about Jesus calling His first disciples. It’s a narrative that gets a lot of attention - for good reason.

Specifically, verse 11 is the portion that most quote which reads that the disciples “left everything and followed Him (Jesus).”

They left everything. Their boats, their careers and their comfort. All to follow Jesus.

Gotta admit, that’s admirable. To be so radical. But people forget to beginning of the story.

That before they left everything, Jesus just asked them to paddle a little ways from the shore, then go into deeper water, put their nets into that water and after all of that - they left everything and followed him.

I say that to say this, before you think about doing EVERYTHING for Jesus - just do one thing.

Don’t be so overwhelmed about being radical, that you forget about regular, boring obedience.

Before you give away everything you own, try tithing.

Instead of going to be a missionary in Africa, share Christ with your friend first.

Obedience isn’t always radical - take one step at a time.

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