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Don't complicate God's will

"I just wanna do God's Will." - Martin Luther King Jr.

In working in student ministry for the past four years, I have found myself doing young adult ministry as well. Turns out teenagers eventually grow into adults!

And fortunately, many of them are doing awesome post - highschool. I am beyond proud of them.

Yet, as well as they are doing, there is still a ton of them who come back to me with questions. Specifically, questions concerning their future and God's call on their life.

Questions we all have at some point, not just young adults.

"What major does God want me to study?"

"Where does God want me to live?"

"What job does God want me to work?"

"Who does God want me to marry or date?"

The good news is that these are great questions to have. It shows someone cares about God's plan for their life and living in step with it.

The bad news is that Christian culture has complicated the idea of living out "God's will" in our life so much that most people develop paralysis from analysis.

Basically, people ponder on whether to do something or not so much that they end up doing nothing. That's a problem because God has called us to make a difference in this world.

Analysis paralysis is not in His plans for our lives.

So today let's simplify this process. With the help of John MacArthur's book "Found: God's Will", here are four things you can take home about discerning God's call for your life:

1. God's Word is a great place to start. When making a big decision, people pray and ponder a lot - which is great. But they don't often ask, "what does the Bible have to say about my situation?"

People are always looking for a "word" from God. Well, look no further. We got 66 books worth of words from Him in the bible. Scan the scriptures for what He has to say about your situation. Likely, there is good guidance there.

2. God's will is for you to impact people with the Gospel. In Matthew 28, God gives us the great commission. The commandment to share the Gospel and make disciples.

Bigger than being a millionaire, studying a specific major, going to grad school, or buying that car is making disciples. That is first and foremost. Change the world for the glory of God!

3. God's will is less about where you go or what you do and more about who you are. This is a big one. And often the most missed one by believers. John MacArthur says it this way:

"You see, the will of God is not primarily a place. The will of God is not, first of all, for you to go there or work here. The will of God concerns you as a person. If you are the right you, you can follow your desires and you will fulfill His will."

In short, it's less about where you live and more about where you're at spiritually. Less about who you date and more about how you operate in the relationship. Less about what you do for work and more about what you're doing about reaching the people you work with.

4. Once you have all of that in mind, do whatever you want! Here is the kicker. After all of that is aligned, do whatever you want. You are free to do so! Don't put so much pressure on yourself.

Want to switch your major? If it makes financial sense and it's what you're passionate about, go for it!

Want to move cities? If you can afford it and you have a plan to connect to the Christian community there - be my guest!

Want to date someone? If they are a Godly individual and you find them attractive, ask them out!

Don't make all of these decisions so heavy on yourself. God's call does not have to be complicated. St. Augustine sums it up this way:

"Love God and do whatever you please."

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