• Nick Henderson

Hoping in Heaven

“He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.” - Revelation 21:4

My family are big football fans and very rarely miss their favorite team play.

But, on this specific game-day we had an activity that prevented us from watching the game live. So, they decided to record the game to watch later and not check the scores or highlights in the meantime.

I did check the highlights though. It was an incredible game with multiple lead changes and eventually an overtime win for our team.

So, later on that day, my family flips on the recording and begins to freak out at each lead change and crazy play. The game had their emotions at record highs.

As they lost their minds, I simply sat in the corner without concern because I already knew the outcome of the game. I knew our team was going to win - so regardless of the score or play, I wasn’t worried because I knew where the game was headed.

I knew where things would end up.

We, as Christians, have that same advantage in the craziness of life. We already know where this is all going to end up.

If someone is saved by Christ, their final destination is eternity with God. Regardless of trial or triumph, the Christian is headed to Heaven. That fact should drive us towards a confidence and consistency that is not tied to daily circumstances.

In short, our Hope in a future Heaven provides us peace for right now.

That’s tough to apply though because life is just plain hard at times.

Check that, life is hard most of the time.

The reason: this world is broken. It’s full of sin and evil. It’s default setting is destruction.

Death of loved ones, stress from work or school, financial distress, family issues - the list goes on. Life can be extremely tough... that’s the bad news.

But, the good news is this world is not our permanent place of residence, Heaven is.

It’s that hope and belief that we are headed to Heaven for eternity with God that can provide us peace in all circumstances. We don’t have to let the volatility of life put a damper on the victory we have in Christ.

When we don’t get the job we felt like we needed, we can have peace.

When the person we love the most leaves or treat us poorly, we can have peace.

When we loss a loved one to a sickness or terrible accident, we can have peace.

Why? Because our hope is in a future Heaven, not our current world. And sense we have established that the world is broken - it’s best not to live life thinking it’s not.

Broken worlds cause difficult and painful problems.

But, like a marathon runner in the midst of a tough race presses forward in his pain knowing the finish line is ahead is how we should operate as well.

Push on towards the finish line of Heaven.

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