• Nick Henderson

RANDOM RIFF: just do it

I wrote my first blog over a year ago now... sort of.

I‘ve actually been writing for over two years, but for the first 8 months I kept my site private. I figured no one would benefit from anything I could produce.

Or would even want to read it at all.

But, by virtue of the encouragement of a mentor of mine - I started posting them for others to see.

A year later, I’ve had thousands of people read my blogs collectively and tons of encouraging comments and messages to go along with that. People who have actually benefitted from something I produced - crazy.

I believe we all have something to offer to the world that both honors God and impacts others to a high degree.

Don’t keep it for yourself - share it with the world.

Start your YouTube account.

Post about your product or service.

Showcase your singing talent.

We will be better because of it.

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