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My thoughts on money

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

“Money often costs too much” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Growing up in a single parent home, things were typically tight financially.

We were not poor per say, but money certainly was not something we had an abundance of. Wealthy was not a description anyone would assign my family.

The lack of money and proper management of it did not destroy our happiness, but it definitely led to some issues and lots of anxiety.

This past setback eventually pushed me into aspirations for financial security in adult hood.

I developed a deep interest in investing, budgeting, and all things personal finance.

I have never pursued extreme wealth or riches; I just want to steward the money God has blessed with me well.

But, surprisingly, I have fought through a bit of pushback regarding my fiscal pursuits.

Money is a touchy topic - especially in Christian circles.

Working to increase your income? Make sure it is on the downlow.

Researching what the right investments are for you? Keep your conversations private.

Talking about tax breaks and advantages? Be cautious as people might start to question your commitment to Christ.

There seems to be this unspoken rule that pursuing wealth is somehow sinful.

The idea of intentionally wanting and learning how to invest and make more money is oddly frowned upon.

This is possibly because the Bible condemns the LOVE of money - which makes sense. Not a wise idea to idolize something that is so temporal and fickle in nature.

Yet, it does not condemn money in and of itself. Just the improper infatuation of it. (1 Tim. 6:10)

Letting money take the spot of God in your priorities is certainly counterintuitive to a Christ - honoring life – most people get that.

Yet, one does not have to make money their God to have an abundance of it. And having an abundance of money, doesn’t mean it has to someone’s idol.

In fact, I would say that being wealthy leads to just as many kingdom building opportunities as it does to kingdom destroying ones.

You cannot bless a less fortunate single mom with a car if you are broke.

Missionaries cannot get funded on faith alone.

Churches cannot run and operate without a faithful congregation.

Money does plenty good, maybe even more good than bad. We just lock in so much on the harm, that we can forget that.

Pursuing financial security is not a sin.

Money is a GREAT tool to go after, it is just a terrible God.

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