• Nick Henderson

Rough draft

“And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.” - Philippians 1:6

Though I write consistently now, it hasn’t always been my fortè.

In fact, I used to dread writing assignments in school. I would get filled with so much anxiety thinking about how I could possibly meet the word count while proving that I actually read the prompt.

On this one assignment, I did especially horrible. I was short on word count and made virtually no sense in my paper.

I reluctantly turned in my essay only for my teacher to say: “Surprise! This essay assignment was your rough draft. It will not be graded. Instead, refer to my notes and make the necessary corrections.”

What a relief. Knowing that I had time to make some corrections and changes took the load off my shoulders. That could I fix my punctuation, add a sentence or two and even throw in that illustration I thought of.

It was nice to know that it was only considered a rough draft, changes could still be made.

In light of that story, I want to encourage you with something: you are just a rough draft of the person you are made to be.

That the mistakes you’re making, the flaws you have or the negative aspects you own do not have to be the final draft of you.

You are simply a rough draft of who God has purposed you to be. You have time to seek Him, shed your sins and be molded into the person He wants you to be.

This is a key mindset to have because most of us walk around uttering self - limiting statements about who we are as if we are the finalized edit.

You’ve heard the statements:

“I’m just an impatient individual.”

“I’ve always struggled with anger. That’s just me.”

“I just can’t get in the habit of reading my bible of praying consistently.”

“I could never do that (insert great opportunity here).”

These are all self - limiting beliefs. Put in our brains by our sinful nature, not by God!

Be weary of categorizing and labeling yourself as anything, especially if it’s negative. Because God doesn’t do that to you.

He seems to believe, in Phil. 1:6, that you have the potential to progress as a person. To continually enhance and become (through the power of the Holy Spirit) who He wants you to be.

You are a rough draft for the glory of God. Capable of growing and developing into an absolutely wrecking ball for His kingdom.

Don’t stop where you are. Keep going and don’t give up, your story is far from finished.

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