• Nick Henderson

The difference between a father and a dad

“Dads are ordinary men turned into heroes.” - Pam Brown

I have a unique upbringing, to say the least.

I was born in New Orleans, Louisiana to a single mom. My biological father didn’t stick around.

Nothing against the man, it’s just the reality of the situation. I never knew him, spoke to him or have seen him in person. He is essentially a stranger to me.

In fact, if I saw him today I would have no clue he was my father and vice versa.

He has zero part in who I am today. He never taught me to play sports, talk to girls or fix a car. He never helped me with homework or grounded me for something silly. Nor did he ever encourage me after a tough ball game. Besides my biology, he has no active role in my life. And to be candid, I’m not even angry about the situation. It’s just the fact of the matter. That’s my father.

But fortunately for our family, there was an incredible man named Jerry who came into my mom and I’s life when I was only a toddler.

He wasn’t perfect and certainly had his struggles. But he still introduced me to something I had not yet experienced: a loving dad.

He treated me like I was his own, biological kid.

He taught me how to ride dirt bikes, tie my shoes and even helped me with home work. He disciplined me when I talked back to my mom and encouraged me when I made honor roll. He played a very key and active roll in my upbringing.

He was everything I could have hoped for and more. He was awesome. That was my dad.

There’s a big difference between a father and a dad.

A father makes kids, a dad raises them.

A father sends support from afar, a dad fights alongside his family in the trenches of life.

A father means well, a dad does well. Knowing this, no dad is perfect and not every situation is black and white - I understand that. But, Jerry was an amazing, tangible definition of a great dad.

With that said, he unfortunately passed away when I was only 8 years old. It was a tragic blow to our family.

But his legacy as an awesome dad lives on and for that I’m thankful.

Thankful not only for his life here on earth, but his eternal life he has now with our Heavenly Father.

A loving and gracious Father that’ll never leave us nor forsake us. Who’s love is never dictated by circumstance, never runs out and never gives up on us.

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