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The power of self - reflection

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” – Anais Nin This leadership lesson comes from Chuck Chapman. He is a phenomenal business leader, but an even better man of God who loves and leads his family so well.

The practice of self - reflection is something Chuck attributes a lot of his personal and professional success to. He is emphatic about it’s impact in his life. Self - reflection is a great vehicle people can use to get a grasp on why they do what they do.

It acts as a pause button from the fast-pace world we live in and allows someone to reflect on the choices they’ve been making and who they are as a result of those choices.

It’s a powerful excercise that provides someone the chance to check their perspective. Because often times we don’t see things in the world as they are, we see them as we are.

We get stressed at work easily not only because of the workload, but also due to our underlying inability to handle anxiety in a healthy manner.

We don’t believe we can achieve a certain goal in life, not due to it’s difficulty, but because we have always struggled with self - esteem and belief in ourself.

We struggle with trusting people and taking their word on things. Not because they’re untrustworthy, but because we have trouble assuming the best of others.

With these situations, I acknowledge that occasional mistakes happen. No one is perfect. But, perpetual pitfalls and continual issues? No one wants to settle for those in their life.

Fortunately, a consistent practice of self - reflection can prevent a lot these issues and launch us to new heights in life.

With that, here are some tips to try regarding your time of self - reflection:

  • Choose one day per week to be a “self - reflection“ day. I personally have mine on Fridays, as it is a slower day for me.

  • Set aside 30 minutes to an hour time wise.

  • Turn off or put away all devices. (even your phone)

  • Pray and ask God to bless your time of self - reflection. Pray that he reveals things in you that need to changed or given over to him.

  • Using a journal and pen (not your phone), make a list of “pros” and “grows” from the week. Pro example = worked out everyday this week. Grow example = was late to work twice this week.

  • After making this list, pray and meditate on it. Ask God to give you the endurance to continue in the things you did well and for strength and awareness to fix the things you didn’t.

  • Repeat every week

After doing this week after week you will see a massive impact in the way you go about life.

God will speak, encourage and convict you in ways you’ve never experienced.

I am boldly believing that God will use this mightily in your life. Let me know how it goes. Also, drop a comment if you have some tips of your own regarding self - reflection.

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