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The subtle art of just starting somewhere

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

“The secret to getting ahead is getting started.” – Mark Twain

Cleaning out the closet in my childhood apartment a few years back, I came across pages and pages of documents I had written as a kid. Some were fictional stories about absolute non-sense, while others read more like journal entries of random insights. It took me hours to read through them - It was an entire box full.

Writing has always been something I have enjoyed but, not something I’ve always had confidence in sharing with others.

Despite this though, I always envisioned myself writing and creating encouraging content for people. Doing things like starting a blog (thanks for stopping by) or maybe even writing a book someday.

These doubts held me on the starting line until I was in my mid – twenties and sat down with one of my favorite Christian authors, Gary Thomas. He has written some great books such as “The Sacred Search”, “Sacred Marriage” and most recently “When to Walk Away.”

As we chatted over lunch, he provided me a wealth of knowledge and tons of tips regarding my aspirations for writing. But, most importantly and aside from all the details, he urged me to just start somewhere.

That I should stop worrying about whether my website is perfect or not, if the email list is good to go, or even if people will think it is silly. Just start writing consistently, get feedback from the readers, and repeat – every week.

It was like the world’s most obvious lightbulb went off in my head: “I will never write a book or anything worth reading or encouraging to anyone if I don’t start.”

Thus far, I can’t say how impactful this specific blog has been on others but, I can confirm that my personal writing improves every week. By no other reason except for the consistent repetition of writing, getting feedback and writing again.

It is this improvement that gives me the confidence to keep moving towards a time in which my writing will impact people to a higher degree.

But, that improvement is not possible without getting started.

So, whether you want to be a writer, a speaker, a musician, someone who works out or even an entrepreneur, it all requires getting started somewhere.

If you want to speak, volunteer at your church and start giving some bible lessons or even join toastmasters. Have people evaluate every message so you know where you can grow.

If you want to be musician, upload some videos of you playing to social media - it worked for Justin Bieber.

If you want to be a fit person, grab a friend who works out often and ask them to keep you accountable. It is not about doing the perfect exercises or finding the best diet plan, just start.

If you want to be an entrepreneur, go find five people who run businesses and take them to lunch, bring a journal and learn.

The strange thing about starting is that it’s simple, yet we make it so complex. We catch a case of analysis paralysis just long enough to where we convince ourselves that we never cared to do it in the first place.

Do not let that be true for you. This could be your calling, your passion, your purpose.

Start today. Whatever it is, start somewhere.

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