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Three lessons I learned from ravi zacharias

Updated: Sep 14

“My life is unique and will endure eternally in God's presence. I will never be 'no more.' I will never be lost because I will be with the One who saves me.” – Ravi Zacharias

I’ve always been a tough critic of my faith. I have, and still do, search feverishly for answers to the top questions of the Christian religion – some of which I’ve already answered on this blog.

As I’ve researched, I continually found myself listening to one man on a consistent basis, Ravi Zacharias.

Ravi, who recently passed onto Heaven, was an absolute force for the kingdom and a key player in my faith. He brought an immense amount of clarity to my Christian walk through the years.

Knowing this, I felt it was only right, in light of his recent passing, to list the top three lessons I learned from his life’s work in hopes it will provide you some clarity as well:

Lesson #1: Behind every question is a questioner.

We tend to pride ourselves on knowing answers, not aiding others. Answering questions instead of helping people is a trap that many Christians fall into. We enjoy owning intelligence far more than compassion.

Ravi spoke to this principle in every Q&A I watched of his. For example, when an attendee would ask his thoughts on a particular subject matter, Ravi would always seek to clarify the questioner’s purpose in asking the question.

Ravi was less concerned about being right, and much more focused on the individual’s well-being.

Next time someone asks you a tough question. Don’t just seek to provide a correct answer, seek to serve and encourage them in doing so.

Lesson #2: Christians can be critical thinkers too

When I started in my faith journey, I was afraid that asking tough questions regarding my faith was somehow sinful. I felt ashamed in my doubts and desire to know more.

Ravi was living evidence that my shame was silly.

Not only did he ask hard questions, he answered them. For the one’s he didn’t know – he admitted that he was still searching.

I love that admission, because it provided me the freedom to search as well. I didn’t have to give up or turn a blind eye to tough topics.

I could actively search and still honor God in doing so and so can you.

Lesson #3: The Gospel is everything

Often, we can feel like the gospel of Jesus Christ is elementary content. Almost like we are saying “Great, I already know that God loves me and sent Christ to die for my sins. I want to learn something new now.”

That’s an understandable tension, but Ravi never let people forget that the gospel is everything.

Ravi has stated before that his work was more of an evangelist than an apologist.

As complex as his answers could be, he always tied it together with the amazing truth of Christ dying for our sins and providing a path for us to eternity with God in Heaven.

Knowing this, let us never forget the power of the cross. No matter how much knowledge we have or insight we gain – we must cling to the cross. It’s our only hope.

I hope this encouraged you. If it did - share it with friend!

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