• Nick Henderson

When I get it wrong

“There’s no problem being wrong: it’s a learning opportunity.” - Rush Limbaugh

Throughout my content-creating journey, I have made many mistakes. Whether it be a typo, worded something poorly, or was just straight-up wrong. I have done it all.

I can remember a few times I have swung and missed when tackling certain topics.

On a blog on Calvinism, I incorrectly described the point of limited atonement. You should have seen my DMs!

Regarding Black Lives Matter, I wrote a post sympathizing with some of the unnecessary nuances of the movement. Racism is real, but, in hindsight, I took it too far.

I’ve contradicted myself when discussing whether or not online church could be a permanent substitute for in-person church. During the height of the pandemic, I underestimated the sheer importance of in-person church gatherings. And people called me out on it.

With those examples in mind, one thing is clear: sometimes I get it wrong. I’m not always right nor do I have all the correct answers.

That fact used to scare me to the point that I wouldn’t share my thoughts or create content. I felt like it would be the end of the world if I was incorrect on an issue.

When in reality, being wrong is the best way to learn.

It was through others’ feedback that I gained valuable insight and knowledge that I would not have gotten otherwise.

By putting my perspective out there, I was able to hear from other people and pivot as a result.

Because of that, my understanding of those various topics is tenfold what it would be without the critiques and conversations.

So for those reading this, don’t let the fear of being wrong force you into paralysis. Push on and do it anyway!

You’re not going to be right about everything all the time.

Just operate with lots of humility and tons of curiosity knowing that every mistake is an opportunity to make yourself better.

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