• Nick Henderson

Why I work with youth

“The foundation of every state is the education of its youth.” - Diogenes

I currently serve as a youth pastor at a church in Katy, Texas. Specifically, I get the honor of working with the high school students.

Day to day, I plan large events, write sermons, and do some administrative tasks. But most importantly, I meet with and minister to the youth in the community. I absolutely love it.

It is an incredible job that I have aspired to since I was a teenager myself. I felt strongly then and to this day that God has called me to do this in some capacity for the rest of my life.

My decision to work with students was influenced by two things:

One, my personal testimony of growing up without a father figure, having multiple men step into my life and helping mold me into the man I am today. I am not perfect, but certainly far better off than I would have been without their involvement.

Whether they knew it or not, they were doing some serious student ministry.

Men who, when I needed them most, taught me the importance of respecting authority, going to church, reading my Bible, treating people around me with respect and changing the oil on my car. One of which I never got very good at it.

I am forever indebted to those Godly individuals who mentored, loved and supported me like I was their own son. They passed down to me the gift of loving and lifting up the next generation.

Number two is the fact that youth are very moldable and sincerely seeking for true identity. In fact, Barna Research indicates that nearly 65% of Christians made the decision to follow Christ before their 18th birthday. Let that sink in. More than 6 out of 10 believers began their relationship with God as a youth.

If someone is going to come to know Christ, chances are it will happen as a youth and I want to be there to help facilitate that.

Aside from spiritual matters, students are moldable in their moral standards as well. It’s in the teenage years especially that they are establishing right from wrong and what direction they want to walk in for the remainder of their lives. I am passionate about helping them determine that direction.

Think about it: I get to speak into and influence massive decisions for them such as where they go to college, how they behave in their relationships, treat their friends and hopefully set those tones for them to follow for the rest of their lives. That is a huge opportunity.

If a young man is struggling with porn/lust, I get to walk with them through that. If a young lady is having difficulty finding her worth in Christ, I get to encourage her. If any student suffers through extreme loss I have the blessing of being by their side through it all. There are many moments that make me realize how incredible the job I have really is.

Guiding the next generation is what gives our generation true joy and fulfillment.

Overall, serving with students is awesome. My personal story combined with the fact that they are so moldable makes it a valuable venture.

For those reading, I encourage you to pray about working with youth as well. If you’re an adult, serve in a student ministry of some sort. If you are a youth, find a younger person to mentor. It is so rewarding and you will not regret it.

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