• Nick Henderson

Why is it lame to try?

“You can‘t win if you don’t try.” - Robin Sharma

Not too long ago, I was having a conversation with a friend about a common acquaintance we shared. This acquaintance has a business that is doing very well.

My friend mentioned about how cool it is that someone we knew was so successful and wealthy at such a young age. They went on and on about how massive of an accomplishment it was.

Oddly enough, only a couple years earlier, my friend and many others poked fun at this person’s business pursuits. They laughed as he worked to get the business off the ground and grow his social media following.

Most people were not encouraging. Others were downright negative or mean. Hating on the fact that he was just trying.

He was not scamming people, being a jerk, or even operating in a shady fashion. He was just trying to pursue something he was passionate about. And people made fun of him for it.

It’s the reality of the world we live in today. Especially with the advent of social media.

People tend to hate on others' humble beginnings. Yet they applaud and appreciate their breakthroughs.

Lots will laugh and joke when you first start posting about your endeavor on Instagram, but they show love when you finally gain traction.

It seems like everyone you know thinks your product is irrelevant until you start to sell a solid amount per month.

Most will make fun of your efforts until they see it actually works out for you.

It’s sad that it shakes out that way because it creates a culture in which trying is lame. Where giving your all at something is silly.

It stinks because people need the most support at the beginning. Momentum matters a ton when starting out.

Even for myself, a lot of people laughed when I first started blogging and creating content. They thought it was silly that I would share my thoughts and try to provide Christians clarity on various issues.

Honestly, it made me want to quit.

Yet, there were others who took time out of their day to encourage and support me. That drove me to push on.

Trying and just starting somewhere is the only path to success. There is no other way.

So if you‘re a person who has a dream or passion you want to pursue, just try. So what if you fail or look dumb!

It’s better to try and fail then always wonder what would have happened had you just given it a solid go.

And for all of us as consumers, we should make trying cool again. If we see someone start a business, podcast, YouTube channel or whatever - we should support them!

Send them a nice message, subscribe to their channel or even buy their product.

That small act of encouragement can make a massive difference in their morale.

Let’s make trying cool.

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