• Nick Henderson

Why is progressive Christianity so widely accepted?

“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” - John 8:32

Progressive Christianity has become a significant problem in the world today. It has spread like a wild fire, engulfing biblical Christianity as we know it.

It is a sect of Christianity that has been influenced by post - modernism and post - liberalism.

Progressive Christians are also known as Liberal or “Woke” Christians. Even though there are differences between the three, they all share two qualities:

A low view of scripture (AKA it’s not inerrant) and a low view of Christ (AKA He's not the only way to salvation).

They are “progressing” away from traditional biblical interpretation and beliefs and toward a fabricated religion that is built on being a “good” person, rather than a godly one.

They don’t hold Christ at a high enough level. He is just a piece of the salvation puzzle from their perspective.

From their own website, one of their core principles reads: "Affirm that the teachings of Jesus provide one of many ways to the sacredness and oneness of life."

Which is not true. He is the only way. (John 14:6)

Stemming from this, there is a lot of ambiguity in the belief system, which creates subjectivity.

But Christianity's statues are not subjective. They are facts to be followed, not suggestions to ponder.

We don’t get to choose what we have to obey and what we don’t.

Progressive Christianity is the maximizing of specific ideals from the Bible and minimizing of the Almighty God who originated the ideals. This is obviously an issue as God Himself should be our focus... not just the rules we think align well with our lifestyle.

It’s why many young people pretty much ignore sexual purity.

It’s how certain Sunday morning church goers can justify getting drunk on Saturday night.

It’s the exact reason some people can slander someone and not feel an ounce of conviction.

All of this sinful behavior is easy when we care nothing about the Holy God of the Bible and only adhere to the principles we feel like adhering too.

And sadly this belief system is widely accepted in our world today and sneaking into our churches. Here’s two reasons why that is:

1. Everybody loves the idea inclusivity. As a human race, we enjoy the idea of everyone being included, especially when it comes to Heaven. So, in this pursuit, the progressive believers have adopted a type of universalism (google it) to make that happen.

Everyone going to Heaven no matter their beliefs is all well and good except the fact that the bible says the complete opposite.

Anyone who wants to go to Heaven must confess Christ as Lord, it is the only way (Rom. 10:9).

2. People love to pick and choose. We are a culture of options. It's the reason why you can go to any seafood or steak restaurant and somehow still get chicken fingers.

We love to be able to pick and choose depending on how we feel.

Progressive Christianity has created options for practitioners by eliminating prime content from their bible and singling out portions of Jesus' teaching to live by.

Problem is, Christianity doesn't work like that. We are under the authority of the whole bible, even the parts we don't like.

These principles, on the forefront, look obvious. You might be thinking, “I would never follow a religion like that.”

They are obvious when spelled out, yes. But subtle in the form they take in the American church today.

Today it takes the form of uber practical and encouraging messages all about behavior change and positive thinking.

If your pastor is always talking about practical life hacks and never about Jesus Christ and the Gospel, then beware.

Don’t let progressive Christianity push you away from a true belief in Christ.

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