• Nick Henderson

Why we share the gospel

“Have you no wish for others to be saved? Then you're not saved yourself, be sure of that!” - Charles Spurgeon

It was August of 2015 and I had just left my hometown in Florida to attend bible college in Virginia. I wanted to be a pastor.

I had only been a Christian for a few years at that point, but God worked overtime on my heart during that season - resulting in a clear call to full - time ministry.

Unfortunately though, my mom did not have the same experience with God. Nor was she a Christian at all.

She wasn’t mean or evil - in fact she was the most kind person I’ve ever known. She was just more focused on religious works than the work of Christ on the cross - resulting in her not being a Christian.

This was the case until I left for college and my youth pastor from high school noticed my mom sitting at the church service on a Sunday - which was rare for her. She did not attend church often - especially without me.

Thankfully, God put my mom on his heart and he reached out to her to set up a home visit.

A meeting with eternal ramifications

When they met later that week, my youth pastor shared with her the good news of the Gospel. The fact that she can be saved not through what she does, but what Christ has done for her on the cross.

A salvation based on a relationship with God, not religious works.

She accepted Christ that day. And was even baptized a week later!

Praise God for my pastors faithfulness and the forgivness of God - because what happened 6 months later, nobody could have predicted.

In March of 2016 - my mom passed away due to a severe respiratory infection... I was shocked and heartbroken.

But, as difficult as losing her was - my Hope in the fact that she is with God in Heaven far overshawdows the hurt of her not being with me on Earth.

That act of faithfulness by my pastor not only impacted my mom’s eternity, but also my current well being. It is what gives me the strength to move on and serve God - knowing that He has my mom in His hand.

For all of us, this is why we share the gospel. Not only to impact the prospective person’s eternity, but to provide hope to their loved ones as well. It’s the goodness of God on display.

If you know someone who needs to know the gospel, go share it with them. Don’t wait a second longer. They could be someone’s parent, son, sister, friend or even spouse. People who can be provided hope as a resulf of your obedience to the commission of God to make disciples and share the good news of His Grace!

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